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About Helix BMX

From a desire to ride the most radical bmx bikes of the early days of bmx, an underground movement was born... a vintage bmx community that has begun
to sweep the globe. Only those of us in the vintage bmx community will understand why scouring the internet and the local neighborhoods is nearly a full time job. The quest to build the ultimate dream bike of the vintage bmx era is what it's all about. In the 1970s and '80s, the early days of bmx, products were born out of necessity. An emerging sport pushed the envelope of design and style of many products that had to be built to withstand the rigors of bmx racing. All of today's bmx products have evolved from these early designs, yet they've lost that old school flavor of design driven from necessity.

Helix BMX was founded to revive that radical, old school style. From the desire to ride the best product designs from back in the day and the opportunity to apply new technology to old school style, Helix BMX was born. Looking through the products offered by Helix BMX, you'll find quality replicas of popular vintage bmx products as well as new products that are inspired by the designs and style of the early days of bmx.

And rest assured, that all Helix BMX products are made in the very same country that founded the sport of BMX racing... the United States of America!

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